Dr. Hahn’s book a Cure for Asthma

What your doctor isn't telling you about asthma and why

A Cure for Asthma?  by Dr. Hahn

in  Kindle  and Nook formats.

 Kindle and Nook formats

  • Written for medical professionals as well as lay people.
  • Contains case studies of severe asthma patients Dr. Hahn treated over the years.

A Cure for Asthma? offers a revolutionary hypothesis about the underlying cause of some cases of asthma. In an uncertain number of asthma patients, a smoldering infection that is difficult to diagnose can trigger inflammation, allergic responses and wheezing characteristic of asthma. Many of these asthma patients find their condition hard to manage with conventional asthma treatments.

What if it could be cured once and for all with antibiotic therapy? David L. Hahn, MD, MS, has decades of experience. He is a past Clinical Professor and current Director of the Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

In this book, he provides the scientific evidence that supports his hypothesis and presents compelling stories from patients who experienced dramatic improvement after going through his treatment regimen.  Essential reading for anyone with asthma!

Dr. David Hahn's book A Cure for Asthma