About AsthmaStory and Jim

The trail one man took to completely cure his severe asthma

It’s been OVER 25 years since my Severe Asthma was cured and AsthmaStory was created.  It’s hard to imagine having that life again. Too many people make excuses why this can’t work for them and close their minds because they have been told all their life that asthma is incurable.  And that’s very unfortunate for them. The research often works for many although every case is different.


Now that my asthma is completely cured,

I live a normal active lifestyle that includes kayak sailing, gardening, and enjoying the beaches. I also backpacked 400 miles of the Appalachian trail and waded 40 miles of remote Everglades swamps in mud and water up to waist deep in early 2003 on the Florida National Scenic Trail. Without a doubt, I couldn’t do any of this if I still had severe asthma.

AsthmaStory - camping in the everglades after being completely cured of asthma

The most important factor that determines if this protocol will cure your asthma may be the strength of your immune system. Those who strengthen and boost their immune system seem to have a better chance of being cured than those with weak immune systems. This is important. 

After getting my life back,

I kept thinking of all the others suffering with severe asthma. The circumstances of my story put me in a unique position to help others. Although this research is not yet within standard medical guidelines, many do not have the luxury to wait until that happens. That’s why asthmastory is here. To share knowledge and research and to provide hope that there may be an asthma cure that can work for you.

Before my asthma was cured, life was very different !

Every single night of my life was suffering and raw survival. Too many evenings were spent in hospital emergency rooms because the asthma was completely out of control. The many doctors that I saw ALL DIAGNOSED ME AS HAVING SEVERE ASTHMA, but none could provide me with more than temporary relief at best. I remember once getting the maximum number of adrenaline shots in an hospital emergency room and the doctor being amazed that my lungs were still congested and wheezy. And those shots HURT !!!!

The only true relief I felt was when I was prescribed a “dose pack” of steroids,

Even though I didn’t use them much being fearful of the side effects of steroids. At night there were air cleaners in our bedroom, a humidifier by the bedside, special electronic air cleaners on our furnace, and a breathing machine with a bunch of tubes at our bedside (one that delivers misted medicine). In essence, our bedroom looked like a hospital ward. Despite all the gizmos, I still could not breathe clear during the night and would cough so severely that neighbors would hear me hacking and coughing, even with the windows closed. I occasionally heard co-workers joking “Jim’s coughing up another piece of his lung”.  It was pure hell.

It was a constant struggle and I felt sorry for my poor wife

who had to listen to all the coughing throughout the night. Since my body wasn’t receiving proper amounts of oxygen, many other aspects of life were affected. Poor sleep combined with shallow breathing kept my energy levels low and may have caused memory problems from the low amounts of oxygen at night.

It’s no way to go through life

and that’s why I’m grateful for this research and getting a normal life back and it’s also why I created this asthma cure website.  There is a very good chance that this can work for you regardless of how severe your asthma is.