Association of Chlamydia pneumoniae (Strain TWAR) Infection With Wheezing, Asthmatic Bronchitis, and Adult-Onset Asthma / 1

Hahn DL, Dodge R, Golubjatnikov R.
JAMA 1991; 266:225-230 ***

The seminal article associating acute and chronic C. pneumoniae infection with wheezing, acute asthma attacks, and chronic asthma. The association (odds ratio) of antibody and asthma was as strong or stronger than the association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, motivating further study into whether C. pneumoniae infection is a “root cause” of asthma.

This article also illustrates the importance of serendipity in research: asthma was not the focus of the study, and had these “extraneous” results been ignored and not published, it is likely that the field of “chlamydial asthma” research would not have developed as rapidly, or at all.

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