Asthma Story helped save our daughter’s life

The Asthma Story website helped save our daughter’s life, and we believe will help others with their journey to “cure asthma”.
Several years ago our seven-year-old daughter developed a “cold” that never went away. It worsened over months into “allergies”. The doctor thought Benedryl would help with the symptoms. Conditions worsened…until months later…one night, we had to take her to the emergency room. The doctors said she had “asthma” and gave her a nebulizer treatment. To breathe so easily for the first time in over a year…what relief she felt! Days later, in our doctor’s office on a followup visit, we were told she will have asthma for the rest of her life. She was crushed! Days later, the symptoms were returning with a vengeance. Our lives were slowly spiraling into a constant state of worry and nebulizer treatments spotted with trips to our doctor and the ER. Asthma was killing our daughter and our financial stability.
December 2015, she developed what we believed to be a UTI which our doctor’s PA prescribed azithromycin for treatment. Within days, we noticed a drastic improvement in the asthma symptoms. We began searching the internet for a possible link. That’s when we found Asthma Story.
We bought Dr. David Hahn’s book, A Cure for Asthma, and shared the info with our doctor’s office. The AMA accepted protocol for treating asthma did not include antibiotic treatment, so our doctor declined our request for the necessary antibiotic to finish the treatment. I do find it odd that our doctor offered our teenagers months of antibiotics (tetracycline and doxycycline) for acne however.
For weeks, we called doctors locally asking for help to no avail. Finally, Dr. Hahn helped us locate a doctor four hours away, and our daughter received the necessary course of antibiotic which cost $10.
The asthma symptoms are completely gone…we pray permanently. She had the best summer ever…riding her bike, camping out with cousins, working out at the gym with her Dad and brother…enjoying life to the fullest here on our little farm. She still carries her “puffers” with her, and we still have boxes of all the medications just in case the asthma returns.
This Christmas, we will hang a homemade fir wreath in our home, a family tradition we had to forego the last two Christmases.
Thank you Jim…for taking the time to keep this website up.
A thankful family from Oregon