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Almost there !

Received another note from our Breath of Hope person Brett. Simple and to the point. In the last two weeks he only used his inhaler once. Quite a difference from a year ago agonizing with severe asthma. Thanks to Dr. Wagshul and the Asthma & Respiratory center of South Dayton

September Update

Heard from Brett and he said  ” So far a 100 percent improvement is an easy claim from last year.”  The good news is he’s having zero inhaler usage days which is big.  One thing I found interesting is he said when he returned home and stayed for a few days in the place where he used to live, his inhaler usage went up which makes me wonder about triggers associated with that home.  With many people who seem to come down with severe asthma, I often hear of a common thread which is black mold in their lives.

I know for sure that in my case black mold was a factor.  And I got better with the antibiotics AND moving into a different home.  I always think about these things when wondering why I got 100% better when others sometimes keep relapsing.

End of July update from our Breath of hope person

I am happy to report that the last email received from our Breath of Hope person (end of July) is still optimistic and he continues to improve his health and breathes much better.  His report said some days he’s only using his inhaler several times a day and the urgency or severity of the asthma seems to be quite mild compared to when he began this.  So to summarize his inhaler usage is still on the downward trend and he is quite optimistic.

Sorry for the delay in posting this but I’ve been out of town and crazy busy this year.    Jim

Six month update for Brett on the Breath of Hope Project

Six months in to being treated by Dr. Wagshul, our breath of hope project individual is slowly making progress toward his goal of being 100% cured.  He is taking it very serious and documenting his inhaler usage which I see as a very clever way to gauge progress.  He still has a ways to go but is quite optimistic as his inhaler usage is declining.  Hoping to see it get down to zero.

Day 42

Brett, The person who we chose for the Breath of Hope project is now in day 42 after seeing Dr. Wagshul. It’s a long process for most, usually a year. Here’s what Brett had to say.

“Nothing positive nothing negative Then again a huge improvement initially. I haven’t had any bad days tho. Ones that make me really act wonky. I am in the 42nd day.”

Just an update for those who are watching this blog.

Road trip

Last week the person we chose for the breath of hope project traveled to Ohio to see Dr. Wagshul.  This person is someone who has written us several times in the last couple years.  Their asthma was quite debilitating and their financial situation was poor and they were unable to obtain adequate treatment for his severe asthma.  We paid all travel expenses, medications and lab work while Dr. Wagshul donated his services and those of his staff.

The doctors office visit went well and here are a few notes he sent about the trip


“Dr. Wagshul was everything that those videos (from his website) suggested. He was inquisitive, talkative, and more than happy to give his opinion when asked. He wanted the details and wasn’t afraid to start from the beginning. I kind of wish I had an exact time line built for him because he seems like he would have loved to look at it. I am sure if I supplied him with every ounce of detail he would have gone over it to better formulate his procedure. I am happy that you two have known each other for so long.  The wait was a little bit in the office but not long, something I really don’t mind to be honest considering everything especially having a doctor that is willing to talk with you. He offered more than just doctor advice.


Thank you for this experience. I would have never considered trying to leave Florida… when you offered this I really didn’t know how to respond it was like opening a present or maybe in better words a door in my mind. I have not fathomed traveling and never could conceive doing this. I didn’t know what to expect. How I would manage. If I would have told my family I was planning this myself they would have come up with 100 reasons to doubt myself for doing this.


I have to really thank you and Dr Wagshul for your ability to provide this for me. Not only in the quest to address my Asthma but for the experience. I now have the experience of traveling. The years I have acquired never provided me with the need to leave the comfort and similarly the constraint of my home. I always put a price tag on traveling and thought of it as something for the rich or well off. While it is something that is costly no matter how you travel it has opened up myself to the opportunity to look beyond my local surroundings.


This might sounds somewhat silly to some but living on a tight income for my entire life you get used to not thinking about solutions that are outside of a tank of gas. With the asthma it magnified that when I was first getting used to the asthma I also started to think of places I didn’t want to be when I had an asthma attack. I didn’t have a reason to want to leave my town into unknown areas for the simple reason I didn’t know how long it might be to the next ambulance ride back to a hospital. This was years between those thoughts and me learning to live with Asthma. Depression sets in with thoughts like that and they do permanent damage to how far you think on certain topics. I seriously never considered leaving my home state to go see a specialist despite you bringing it to my attention years ago. After experiencing this trip I can conceive possibilities beyond the limits I had placed on myself long ago that I didn’t even know I had placed.


I really have to say your help has done more for me than just addressed Asthma and I didn’t even know it would do more than it did until I was on my way back.


Thank you, your wife, and Dr Wagshul.”

A new project

Many people probably think I’m out of my mind for doing this project because they have never lived with the burden of severe asthma.  And it’s only one person after all.  With prices of asthma medicine rising, health care costs out of control, and with more and more people being diagnosed as having asthma (because it IS infectious), I decided to start with one person.  Every journey begins with a single step.   And who knows which direction this project will eventually take.   It will at least make a difference for one person.

We get plenty of email from people all over the world who are desperate to have a normal healthy life once again.  They simply want to breathe clear and not have to worry about the next trip to the emergency room.  This is something most people take for granted.

So now it’s time to do something about it.  Stay tuned for updates and possibly video which may be posted here as the project unfolds.