AsthmaStory’s “Breath of Hope Project”

Fifteen Years of hosting

has brought us a lot of email and inquiries over the years  Many of the stories have happy endings.  Unfortunately there are many who lack financial resources to properly deal with their asthma.

Recently I received a letter from a young man with severe asthma.  When he has a bad asthma attack he drives to the emergency room and sits in the back of the waiting room.  He feels safe there and stays until he is able to get his breathing under control.  He never checks in because he cannot afford treatment.


The number of people in the US who die every day from a Fatal Asthma Attack

Making a difference

I recently retired and started receiving social security and decided to use one of my new retirement checks to help someone who is struggling with severe asthma.   The goal is to send them to a pulmonary specialist for treatment.  Hopefully they may experience the same results that I had to eradicate the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae from their body and also become 100% cured of their asthma.

Not everyone has the same result but hopefully their asthma will be significantly better if not completely cured.  Regardless, there will be a positive outcome.

Introducing AsthmaStory's Breath of Hope Project

In December 2017 one person will begin treatment and we will foot the bill.  We put aside enough money to pay for all of the expenses.  We also found a top notch pulmonary specialist who will donate his services.

We can’t change the world but we can at least make a difference for one person.  We will follow the progress of this individual as they undergo treatment.  You never know … this project might someday expand to help more individuals who cannot afford treatment for their severe asthma.

Follow the Breath of Hope project progress