Breathing clear again in Virginia

Hi, I just want to thank you for the courage and kindness you had in creating your asthma story website. I eventually got Dr. Hahn’s book (several copies actually), and went for azithro and doxycycline and made dramatic improvements over time after suddenly developing adult onset asthma that put me in the hospital several times. I haven’t been to a hospital now in several years, nor had a bad asthma attack every time I get bronchitis. Without you making your website, I wouldn’t have kept trying probably, or even figured it out. Your website is what got me thinking about the connection with bacteria.  Your website was genuine and you weren’t selling anything or asking for anything. And what you said made lots of sense for me.

I have tried to share details with others but most people think it is crazy to take that much antibiotics. But I can’t stand the idea of suppressing my immune system a long time with corticosteroids, and hate strong pharmaceutical medicines in general, so I had to try to recover somehow. Your story gave me hope. So, thank you.

Jeff from Virginia