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Testimonials and letters from visitors to AsthmaStory

Breathing clear again in Virginia

Hi, I just want to thank you for the courage and kindness you had in creating your asthma story website. I eventually got Dr. Hahn’s book (several copies actually), and went for azithro and doxycycline and made dramatic improvements over time after suddenly developing... read more

Re: You saved my husband’s life

Quick update – My husband is still doing great 8 years later. He went on to run the Boston Marathon. He runs at least 6 miles daily. He runs around a 7 minute pace. It truly is a miracle. I was going through old emails and just came across this. We have almost... read more

Testimonial from Canada

(Last year Sheila and her family drove from Canada to visit Dr. Wagshul in Ohio.  She impressed me as someone who was going to take control of her life and reclaim her health …  My kind of person) Hi Jim, I am currently on month 9 of the antibiotics.  I have a... read more

The 800 mile drive was worth it !

Hi Jim,  I just wanted to write and thank you for maintaining asthma story website. I am 46 and had bronchitis this last spring.  Following the initial symptoms of coughing and wheezing and mucus my breathing never returned to what it had been.  I was diagnosed with... read more

Asthma Story helped save our daughter’s life

The Asthma Story website helped save our daughter’s life, and we believe will help others with their journey to “cure asthma”.   Several years ago our seven-year-old daughter developed a “cold” that never went away. It worsened over months into “allergies”. The doctor... read more

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