Chlamydia pneumoniae bacteria can be a formidable foe

Hello Jim,

Just thought I’d give you an update. I am on week 20 of Zithromax now. Yes I am still on it. Here are the details:

Weeks 1 thru 12 (750 mg a week): Mild improvement with asthma symptoms. I was taking 1 puff on corticosteroid inhaler once every other day. However, I could not do cardio exercise for more than 10 to 15 mins without getting winded.

Weeks 13 thru 16 (750 mg a week): Further improvement. I was taking 1 puff of corticosteroid (Symbicort) once every week. Could run for 30 mins now before I would start wheezing.

Weeks 17 thru 18 (1000 mg a week): Little better. 1 puff of inhaler every week like before but now I can run for 45 mins before starting to wheeze.

Weeks 19 thru 20 (1000 mg a week): Completely OFF of all inhalers and asthma medications. Now I can run for 1 hour without stopping. I wish I never have to use any inhalers again.

I also took a lot of Vitamin C, Lemon Oranges (organic) and believe exercise has helped. Anyways I just thought of letting you know and many thanks once again,