Chlamydia/Mycoplasma: Do they cause new-onset asthma in adults? / 49

Hahn DL
In: Johnston SL, Papadopoulos NG, eds. Respiratory Infections in Allergy and Asthma. New York * Basel: Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2003; 645-662***

Updated review on C. pneumoniae and M. pneumoniae as causes of asthma in previously non-asthmatic adults, with an updated discussion of potential pathogenesis mechanisms. This review also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of performing prospective microbiological and clinical studies in practice-based research networks (PBRNs), compared to classical population-based epidemiological studies.

PBRNs are regional and national organizations comprising practicing primary care clinicians prepared to conceive, design and implement clinical research of interest and value to primary care practitioners and their patients

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