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Before contacting me, please try to find your answer within this website
First I must emphasize that I am not a doctor. So that means I cannot advise you what to do in your situation. I will relate my story and what worked for me and what doctors are prescribing for their patients. The purpose of this website is to share research and to help those with asthma find a way to be completely cured of their asthma.

I prefer not answering questions about infectious asthma or finding a doctor because this website contains all the information I have about Chlamydia pneumoniae, Asthma and Dr. Hahn’s research.  That being said, I still get plenty of email and do my best to answer each letter.  It’s a lot of work so please try to research your questions before writing.

Occasionally I receive email from those who scan the site for 2 minutes and then hastily send a one line email saying “I have asthma, what should I do?” … often without even signing their name.  If you can’t spend some time reading the information on this website or if you don’t have a basic understanding of it, then I’m sorry to say there’s probably nothing anyone can do to help you.

However, if you can convince an open minded doctor to consider this research, then you may end up being one of the lucky people who get a second chance in life.  Many doctors have heard of Chlamydia pneumoniae and it’s relationship to asthma and other chronic diseases so they are more open to trying the protocol nowadays.

If you have comments about the site, have news or research to share, drop me a line. And please send me contact information of open minded doctors you know of who are willing to treat severe asthma using long term macrolide antibiotics.

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