How can anyone choose to continue suffocating when there may be a permanent cure?

Hi Jim,

I am also one of the people your website has helped so I just wanted to finally thank you.

I developed “adult onset asthma” in 2002. It just happened one day out of nowhere and took over my life. After 10 months of increasingly worse symptoms, I woke up one morning with a bladder infection. My husband had some doxycyline that he found he couldn’t take because of an allergy so I thought I would use it to get rid of the bladder infection. However, after taking it for a couple days I noticed I wasn’t having as many asthma attacks and within a week – no asthma attacks. I looked up doxycycline and asthma and found your sight immediately. I was surprised to see Dr. Hahn was from Madison as I only live a half hour away! I contacted him immediately and with his help took this research to my doctor and asked for an extended provision of antibiotics.

My doctor was reluctant to jump on the bandwagon – in fact he told me I was just trying to get antibiotics. So I was able to get my antibiotics but not without changing doctors and I have not had an asthma attack since.

I’ve told people my story; I’ve shared your website; and I’m shocked at how many people don’t pursue learning more about this research – like they want to continue to be sick. I don’t get it! How can anyone choose to continue suffocating when there may be a permanent cure? Rhetorical question of course.

I know people want to blindly believe their doctors are trustworthy and have their best interests at heart – but I want to grab them and say “take care of yourselves! Know for yourselves! Teach your doctor a thing or two!”

Anyway, enough of my ranting. I just wanted to thank you for posting your story and for keeping it out there. I visit the site and post it to my facebook page from time to time…I’m just hoping it helps even just one person like your story did for me.

Thank you Jim,