Is Chlamydia pneumoniae a missing link in the “Dutch Hypothesis” and chronic non-specific lung disease? / 50

Hahn DL, Plane MB
In: Deák J, ed. Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of the European Society for Chlamydia Research. Budapest, Hungary: Pauker, ISBN 963 482 666 0, 2004; 191**
Preliminary evidence that C. pneumoniae may be a “common denominator” in acute bronchitis and asthma. We propose that chronic infection predisposes to lower airway symptoms in both non-asthmatic and asthmatic subjects, and that an additional factor(s) (e.g., marked by presence of anti-hsp60 antibodies, related to innate immunity genotypes) must be present to promote the development of reactive airways and/or lung remodeling.

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