Grandson cured of asthma after years of being sick

(The following was a letter to Dr. Hahn)
Dr. Hahn,  I found your book through The People’s Pharmacy section of The Dallas Morning News.

Since he was born, my grandson had been hospitalized so many times, the hospital staff knew him by name.  Although my grandson didn’t really fit much of the profile of other cases in your book, the treatment worked.  After much discussion (and disagreement) with his pulamologist, the doctor finally agreed to substitute azithromycin for the daily antibiotic my grandson had been on for several years.

Two years later, he has not been sick at all and is now, at 12, off all asthma medication.    His allergist told us he would always have asthma and would always need medication.  What a racket.   I’m glad we didn’t give up.

Thank you so much for your book.  You have changed so many lives.  Although we live in Texas, my husband and I went to UW and are proud that you’re associated with them.  Again, I am so grateful to you.


Barbara from Texas