Successfully cured by Dr. Hahn after years of asthma

Jim, just an update on me.

More than twelve years ago I stumbled upon your website and shook my head in disbelief. Everybody knows asthma cannot be cured, so why would you bother putting together a bogus website if not to sell something? So I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything for sale. I clicked out of it, hopped off the computer and tried really hard to forget about your site. But in the days that followed, I kept thinking about it, wondering if there was something real to what you were saying.

It took me almost as many days to find your site again. I had cleared my history and just couldn’t seem to call it up again. But I felt I had to persevere, so I kept searching and finally found it. This time I looked more carefully at the content.

You were kind enough to respond to my email, answering all my questions and encouraging me to let you know if I had any others. My doctor was a naysayer, even though he had asthma, so I brought my medical records to Dr. Hahn who decided I might be a good candidate for treatment.

Here I am, more than eleven years later, still asthma and asthma medication free. I had suffered thirty years, from the time I was a child, and didn’t think I would ever feel normal. But I’ve learned, through you, to be my own health advocate and never stop searching for an answer.

To say I am grateful to you is an understatement. If you hadn’t taken the time to tell your story, share the studies, answer emails, and continue to be a champion for this cause, I would still be suffering today. You have generously given up your time, not to mention money, involved in creating and maintaining your website and answering emails, without asking anything for yourself. I hope you know how many lives you have improved, and probably even saved, doing this work.

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate, but it’s all I have, so please accept my deeply genuine, THANK YOU!!!!

Maureen B., Illinois