Our son cured of asthma

We really think that our son, age 23, is virtually cured of asthma now thanks to you and Dr. Hahn. I tell everyone I can about your website.

I really appreciate your updates and am waiting for the book Dr. Hahn is writing.

I always felt there was a cure – always searched the web and then three years ago typed in asthma cure and there was your website. I felt it was the miracle I had been searching for.

I documented all information and sent a letter to my son’s doctor. With persistence, he was given the antibiotic treatment …. I was not going to take no for an answer or I would have searched for another doctor.

The sad thing was he knew of this treatment since 1995, but claimed he tried it a few times and it didn’t work. My son was put on Biaxin at first, and when I emailed Dr. Hahn about this he was kind enough to reply and state that Wes should be put on Zithromax which our doctor complied with when he read Dr. Hahn’s reply to me.

Sorry to ramble on, but I am very passionate about this which I am sure you understand. You give every piece of information anyone could ask for – thank you so much!

Sherri, Olathe from Kansas