Saved my husbands life

Dear Mr. Quinlan, I won’t take up too much of your time.

I just want to tell you that your website and your asthma story saved my husband’s life. He was a runner in excellent condition and got the flu this past August.  He never got better, just worse.  Two months in they diagnosed him with COPD and then asthma.  He was on 3 daily asthma and cough medications,  he was doing the neti pot 3 times a day and even had to buy one for work!  He had over $6000 worth of testing done – x-rays, breathing tests, etc.

I came across your website and information after dealing with this for 6 months – his life was so different and depressing from the life he was used to living and the prognosis was just inhalers for the rest of your life, which didn’t really control the symptoms either.

I printed out your info and Dr. Hahn’s research, and my husband tried to speak to his doctor about it. The doctor had never heard of it and told my husband NO. The next day the doctor called my husband at work and said he had a change of mind and was willing to TRY this, but doubted there would be any results.

My husband has now completed his 3 months of antibiotics and he is a brand new person. He has been off ALL asthma medicine for 2 months now and is back to his normal running and exercise regime. It almost seems like it was just a bad nightmare that we lived through.

Mr. Quinlan, if it weren’t for your willingness to write about your story, I don’t know what would have happened to my husband! He was getting repeated infections, lung and sinus. I am sure that he would have eventually gotten pneumonia and who knows what from there – it’s hard to think about!

He is 45 and has so much life ahead of him. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story and treatment plan – it saved my husband’s life.

From the bottom of my heart with so much thanks and gratitude, May God richly bless you!

A Happy Wife from Hudson, Ohio