Sick for more than 15 years

I was diagnosed with “adult onset asthma” for more than 15 years. My regimen included 3 different inhalers, steroid injections every 6 weeks and at the end I was taking 20 mg of prednisone twice a day just to breathe. I was using my rescue inhalor 10 times a day. Through the years I tried all the inhaled steroids, Uni-phil, advair… the whole line up. My doctor had me on almost $600 worth of meds every month. Even so my asthma got worse every year.

Thanks to this forum and the encouragement of Maureen and several others, I stuck with it until I found someone willing to give me the prescription. My life has been changed dramatically and I owe it to those who continue to prove that this treatment works.

Bill from Dallas, TX