Testimonial from Canada

(Last year Sheila and her family drove from Canada to visit Dr. Wagshul in Ohio.  She impressed me as someone who was going to take control of her life and reclaim her health …  My kind of person)

Hi Jim,

I am currently on month 9 of the antibiotics.  I have a couple more to go.  I have not had to use my inhaler in MONTHS.  I have even tried to do some exercise – elliptical.  Although I don’t get an asthma attack, I do get worried before I start each time.  My brain has always recognized that running means no air.  So now I need to retrain my brain to let it know that its ok to do these things.

I am breathing better than ever.  I cannot remember the last time I could breathe this well.

I was “trolling” Asthma Canada on Facebook and a few other sites a few months back.  I am still so very furious that the medical community is misinformed.  I plan on doing something about it, but that is a story for another day.

Hope you are well.

Breathing Again
Sheila Hobeck, Canada

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