Texas gal and a guy from England reclaim their lives -breathing clear again

Good morning Jim, I just wanted to update you on a couple of things.

After contacting you last September 2018, I did drive from Texas to see Dr. Wagshul on October 15 (I will never forget that date!!). A week later I started the azithromycin 500 mg day and doxycycline 100 mg twice a day.

As of today I am 7 months out in my treatment and last week he took me off of all 5 asthma medications/inhalers/nebulizer (unless of course I need them – I still carry my emergency inhaler but haven’t used it in months) and discontinued the doxycycline. We anticipate maybe another 3 months on the azithromycin.

It is unbelievable to breathe again and be off of all of those medications!! No steroids, hospital admissions, emergency pulmonologist visits, NOTHING!! Even when our neighbor’s house burned down with all of the smoke!!! 🙂

Of course I want to shout it to the world so that people can be given their lives back but it’s almost like no one wants to hear it – unbelievable and sad. If there is any way you can suggest (other than giving out your website – I do that every chance I get) that I can help spread the word about this I am all ears.

By the way – I corresponded with a man in England who found your website about 7 years ago – he couldn’t find a doctor to prescribe the antibiotics so he ordered them from INDIA and treated himself – he had almost died twice and said he had nothing to lose – and has not had asthma in over 6 years.  I pray more doctors will become open to this so that desperate people don’t have to do desperate things.

Thank you for keeping the website going – it is a miracle to those of us who are getting our lives back.

Lisa from Texas

Note from Jim:  Everybody who gets better tries to tell the world about this treatment but almost always people think you’re crazy because they have been told all their lives that severe asthma is not curable.  It is SO FRUSTRATING but when people do listen and do follow through and reclaim their lives it makes hosting this website so worthwhile.  We all do what we can …  Jim