Dr. David Hahn MD, MS

Director of the Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN)

Dr. David Hahn MD, MS

Previously the Director of the Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) before retiring in December of 2019

Dr. Hahn lead the Wisconsin statewide WREN network, providing research and educational opportunities for primary care physicians and other healthcare providers. Dr. Hahn was one of the founding members of WREN and was named Director on November 1, 2012 before retiring in December of 2019.

Dr. David Hahn is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and completed his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. He received his Master of Science degree in Preventive Medicine & Epidemiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Hahn is very well known to members of the WREN Community. He was one of the founding members of WREN, and is a past member of the Steering Committee. Dr. Hahn’s primary areas of research interest are asthma and the delivery of clinical preventive services, and he has a proven track record for obtaining grant funding, conducting clinical trials within practices, and his research productivity has resulted in 32 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Hahn is the author of the book “A Cure for Asthma?: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You–and Why“.

Dr. David Hahn

Audio Interview Dr. Hahn and “The People’s Pharmacy” (NPR) (30 minutes)

Most Importantly, Dr. Hahn has changed many lives with his dedication to understanding the relationship of asthma to the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae.   Dr. Hahn is very thorough and patient in this long drawn out process.  Much more patient than his patients that were pulled from the jaws of suffering from severe asthma to being completely cured.  Yes, Dr. Hahn has changed and SAVED many lives.  I know for a fact that I would not be alive today if it were not for Dr. Hahn’s research and for him being the type of person he is.


Dr. Hahn retired in 2014 but continues to further understanding of the causes of asthma.  When I win the lottery I will without a doubt be funding another big study to bring Dr. Hahn’s cure and research into standard medical guidelines.


Because there are way too many people worldwide that are needlessly suffering to breathe.  And I know from experience that is a tremendous burden to carry along through life.  Severe Asthma is hell to live with.


Dr. Hahn is now retired but is willing to speak to your physician and answer any questions from physicians.  Below is his contact info.  Please do not ask him any questions before researching the answer on this website.  He has graciously allowed me to post his contact information.


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