A Cure for Asthma? What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You, and Why / 66

*** This book summarizes the evidence for infection as a treatable cause for asthma that has been published over more than 20 years. It also attempts to answer the question, Why are the experts ignoring it?

A remarkable juxtaposition of events occurred recently that illustrates this yawning gap between the positive evidence and the negative expert opinion. In late 2013 a meta-analysis (combined results of all the studies) of randomized trials of macrolides (azithromycin is a macrolide) for the long term management of asthma in adults was published. The results showed positive benefits for symptoms, quality of life, hyper reactivity (“twitchy airways”) and peak flow (a measure of lung function) (Reiter et al. 2013).

In early 2014 the European Respiratory Society and the American Thoracic Society released a guideline on severe asthma. They recommended AGAINST macrolides for asthma without referencing any evidence (Chung-2014, page 365)

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