Thank you for my life back

Dear Jim,

I would like to say thank you for my life.  I was diagnosed with asthma by 3 different doctors.  The first doctor I went to was so convinced that I had asthma.  Yes, she prescribed every asthma drug imaginable to me.

After finding another doctor (allergist and asthma specialist), he again concurred with the first doctor and again started another regimen of asthma drugs.

After much talking and stress I finally convinced a third doctor to give me a prescription for Azithromycin, but only after not getting any better with standard asthma drugs.  After finishing a 14 week course of Azithromycin, I went back to the third doctor and pronounced that I was ready to run the NY marathon and asked if he had any applications. He was so shocked that he may become a believer.

I have spoken to so many who have asthma and told them of your website. Hopefully in the future we will convince everyone that ASTHMA is very curable.

Jerry from Tuxedo, New York