Finding a doctor to cure severe asthma

Our Doctors list has been archived because we are no longer sure how accurate that information is.  We recommend Dr. Fred Wagshul in Dayton Ohio as we feel he is the absolute best doctor to treat severe asthma and many people who have seen him have been completely cured or significantly better.  He’s a great doctor as well as an outstanding person.  Our archived doctors list can still be viewed here.

Fred Wagshul, M.D.

The Lung center of America
8371 Yankee Street
Dayton, OH  45458

Dr. Hahn is now retired but is willing

to speak with your physician and answer any questions.  Below is his contact info.  Please do not ask him any questions before researching the answer on this website.  He has graciously allowed me to post his contact information.

Dr. David Hahn's email address